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Sale & Lease Horses

MDT takes pride in top quality sport horses for all abilities and expectations. If MDT does not have the horse you are looking for we will use our vast network to find your dream horse at home in Oregon or abroad. To find out more about MDT horses, to schedule a viewing, or set up a custom tailored buying trip contact MDT

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Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch “Torch” 16 hand. Thoroughbred. 8 years old Torch is wise beyond his years and can take a joke. Athletic. The same horse at home as he is at shows Available for sale at $12k SOLD


Mischief Managed "Lily" 16 hand. Thoroughbred. 7 years old. Lily is a sweet as she is pretty. Athletic, sound and sane with absolutely zero vices. A pleasure to around, a pleasure to ride. Suitable for any discipline. SOLD


Roxxo "Telly" 16 hand. Thoroughbred mare. 10 years old. Telly is a remarkable broodmare. Stunning, correct conformation and well boned Call for pricing SOLD


Lawless "Stella" 16.2 hand. Thoroughbred. 10 years old Stella is forward and built for fun. Motivated on the flat a loves to jump. Jumping is made simple by her uphill build and her fearless nature. Winning show record Priced in the low five figures, available for sale, lease or in barn lease/half lease  Call for pricing SOLD


Adeline  12.1 hand. Welsh Pony. 4 years old Exceptionally smart and will pony. Fancy. Nothing fazes Adeline. Great in the arena trotting over exes, bareback or out out on the trails. Adeline will be a best friend and a winner at the biggest venues. Dr Duren (head equine nuetishonist for two FEI Games) says Adeline is in perfect flesh.  For sale in mid four figures SOLD


Holocene  15.2 hand. Thoroughbred. 7 years old Holocene is as easy as they come. A wonderful cadence, with a strong work ethic. Holocene had yet to leave a horse show without a blue ribbon. Winning show record For sale in the low five figures  SOLD

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